Preparing for a trip with kids, especially younger children and toddlers, can be exhausting in itself for moms and dads even before you actually take the trip. You can be overwhelmed with so many ‘things to do’, ‘things to buy’ and ‘things to fix’, that some small but important things for the comfort and safety of your family travel may be overlooked. One of the essential travel accessories is kids travel neck pillow.

Travel in comfort

If you are preparing or planning on a trip with children, either long hours drive or travel in a plane, you might consider how to make them comfortable and enjoy the trip. For kids, the journey itself is as exciting as the final destination. Making them comfortable on the journey with the best neck support pillows for travel can add to the fun and excitement.
Children, especially babies and toddlers, experiencing uncomfortable and tiresome travels can be a burden for the parents. My advice is to give your kids plenty of rest before long trips. During the trip, make them comfortable as possible so they can take naps to keep their energy levels high.

To enable the child to comfortably take naps on the trip, a good neck support pillow for travel must be included in the carry-on luggage if traveling by air or in the car. When shopping for your travel, choose the best travel neck pillow depending on the age and size of the child and you can make it more interesting by getting a lovable theme such as animal neck pillows.

Noodle head purple monkey travel neck pillow

Benefits of animal theme travel neck pillow

An animal theme travel neck pillow will be much loved by the child because kids naturally like and are fascinated by animals. They are excited about these amazing creatures, whether big or small, and their imaginations are aroused by real animals and pictures of animals. Some kids love and adore their pets such as dogs and cats. They are best friends.
A kid’s travel neck pillow in the shape and image of an animal can give the child a good, exciting feeling during a long trip. Instead of a plain neck pillow, a cute animal travel neck pillow will be regarded as something special and loved by the child. The child will be comfortable in the company of something they adore.

There are other top reasons for an animal theme pillows for the home or travel. One of them is surrounding kids with animals and in an animal-themed environment helps the child develop essential life skills.

Going on a long trip with can be tiresome for the child. But think about how happy the child will be if he or she travels with his or her favorite animal. And the beauty of it is that he or she has the stuffed animal as a neck pillow. The child will enjoy the trip with the animal.

The best place to buy kids travel neck pillows

Travel preparations can be hectic. The good news is that you do not need to burden yourself going to the shopping mall to buy travel neck pillows for your kids. I have put together the best animal travel neck pillows sold by Amazon, which you can purchase through my shop. Depending on your budget and child’s animal liking, you can buy the best travel neck pillow for your child before your next travel.

Check the manufacturer’s label for product information. Some kids neck pillows are machine-washable while others can only be hand-washed. If you are traveling with a lot luggage, an inflatable neck pillow would be an ideal option.

To prevent allergy and other irritations, look for a hypo-allergenic neck pillow. I highly recommend that you consider an organic travel neck pillow for your child.

Brown dog kid’s travel neck pillow

Organic travel pillow

The best neck pillow for traveling is an organic travel pillow. Natural organic pillows have many health and therapeutic benefits, some of which are as follows:

  • Natural organic pillows do not contain harmful chemicals and toxic substances found in conventional synthetic pillows;
  • Natural organic pillows hypo-allergenic, anti-microbial and dust mite resistant;
  • They absorb moisture and regulate heat, keeping the head cool; moisture and regulate heat, keeping the head cool;
  • Organic pillows like latex and buckwheat allow free air circulation so you breathe clean air;
  • Organic pillows are environmental-friendly; and
  • Organic pillows like the buckwheat are therapeutic in nature as they can be adjust to the contours of your head and neck, giving you a massage-like feeling, thereby reducing stress.

Organic buckwheat travel neck pillow

Buckwheat travel neck pillow is my recommendation as travel pillow. Buckwheat pillow is made from buckwheat hulls that are hypo-allergenic in nature. The hulls are durable, do not contain harmful toxic chemicals and they are mildew resistant. The hulls of the buckwheat do not compress under pressure as they are adjustable. It reduces stress on the head and neck. Buckwheat pillow is a healthy and therapeutic pillow that has been used for centuries in Far East Asia.

6 thoughts on “Animal Travel Neck Pillows for Kids”

  1. I love that it melds health of being organic and natural with fun. I’m certain children will love these and it will improve travel having these. Kids are often cranky if they don’t get sleep and a car drive seems to be the best place for them to sleep. Thanks for sharing. I have several friends that could benefit from these and I will forward this to them.

    1. Hi Claudette, thanks for the comments and sharing. Yes, it is worth making the kids comfortable on a long trip as they can be unpredictable at times, especially when they are tired.

  2. Very nice post. I love the animal idea. It makes it more interesting for kids and the will want to use the pillow. I also like the idea how it really focuses on their health with the natural organic material. Thanks for sharing,

  3. These neck pillows for kids look so cute. I love that they’re natural organic and have an animal theme. My kids are going to love them. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Yvonne, yes they are indeed cute. I have a couple of them for my room decor. I’m sure your kids will love them. Thanks for visiting my site and commenting.

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