Prevent your child from breathing toxic emissions from chemicals used in conventional synthetic pillows. You can make the child’s bedroom safe and healthy by replacing unhealthy pillows with healthy organic pillows. Here are 8 tips to help you buy the best organic toddler pillow.

Healthy choice

Why expose your child to toxic disease-causing chemicals in synthetic pillows when you have the power to make healthy choices?

Raising a child in a safe and healthy environment has many positive impacts on the child’s overall physical and mental development. The bedroom is the environment where the child spends more than 8 hours a day, or 1/3rd of his or her life, sleeping. Therefore, making the child’s bedroom safe and healthy should be a priority for all parents.

Toddlers and all children for that matter need to sleep on healthy comfortable bedding that aids better quality REM sleeps for their developing brains and brain activities. Sleep researchers have established that brain activities are intense during REM sleep and you can see the importance of this for the child. People experience deep and restful sleep when sleeping on organic bedding, including organic pillows.

A toddler’s young body is also vulnerable to allergy, respiratory diseases and toxic emissions from toxic substances as in synthetic pillows. Organic pillows are also naturally hypoallergenic, non-toxic and chemical-free. They are naturally anti-microbial and dust-mite resistant. Therefore, the best investment you could make for your child is to have natural organic pillows as part of an organic bedding set.

Organic toddler pillows

Organic toddler pillows come in different types, designs, sizes, color and the organic material that is used as filling and the cover. You can read more about the health benefits of different organic pillows and make your choice from the following or their combinations.

8 tips for buying organic toddler pillow

These 8 tips are a guide only to assist you determine the toddler pillow that you would like to have for your child.

Tip #1: Age of the child

A common question asked by many mothers is “at what age can a toddler sleep on a pillow?”. There is also debate about when is the appropriate time to have toddlers sleep on pillows. The mother can assess the child’s development and introduce pillows when she sees that the toddler is sleeping on his or her own bed and is ready to have a toddler pillow. The National Institute of Child Health and Human Development recommends the use of pillows for children at two (2) years old and upwards. The age of the child should determine the organic toddler pillow you choose.

Tip #2: Allergic reactions

Toddlers have very young sensitive skins that are susceptible to allergic reactions. If the child has an allergy to animal hair then wool and alpaca toddler pillows will not be suitable. The child may be allergic to latex, kapok, cotton or buckwheat hull, too. Knowing this can assist you choose the best organic toddler pillow.

Tip #3: Sound and smell

The child may be uncomfortable with sound or smell in the bedroom and that can disturb his or her sleep. The hulls in organic buckwheat pillows are noisy, unless there is a layer of another organic material like wool to muffle the sound. I love natural latex pillows but let me warn that your child may not like the smell of rubber in a brand new pillow. The odour does diminish overtime. Find out how you can get rid of latex smell here.

Tip #4: Machine washable or not?

Children can easily spill things onto pillows so establish whether the pillow is washable or not. Knowing this can also help you determine the costs in the long-run so you can budget for your toddler’s organic pillow. Most organic pillows are not meant to be washed as they are sterile and hygienic, although the outer covering is always washable.

Tip #5: Size of pillow and firmness

Consider the age of the child when choosing the size of the pillow (length, width and height). Most pillow manufacturers have toddlers’ size which have dimensions around 12 inches by 16 inches and thickness of about 2 to 3 inches. Ensure that the pillow is not too high for the child’s neck. A pillow that is too soft or too firm is unsafe for toddler use. Choose something in between.

Tip #6: Hypoallergenic

Hypoallergenic pillow is a pillow made of materials that will not cause allergic reactions from chemicals, microbes, dust, dust mites and mould. Organic pillows are naturally hypoallergenic, mould and mildew resistant, dust mite resistant and are healthy. Check the manufacturer’s label to ensure that no toxic chemicals have been added in the manufacturing of the pillow.

Tip #7: Budget

Choose the best organic toddler pillow depending on your budget. Most organic toddler pillows can not be machine-washed because they are sterile. You may consider that toddlers soil their pillows easily. If you can not afford to replace the pillows and the covers now and then when they get soiled, go for a washable pillow with allergens-resistant materials inbuilt in the pillow so your don’t need to purchase them separately.

Tip #8: 100% organic and eco-friendly

You are making an eco-wise decision to buy organic toddler pillow for the safety, comfort and good health of your child. Choosing organic also helps the environment. Toddlers pillows made from all natural fiber and organic materials are biodegradable and eco-friendly. Check the manufacturer’s label to ensure that what you are buying is 100% natural – the fabric, the fill, the lining and everything that makes up the pillow is derived from organic materials.

To conclude, organic toddler pillows are healthy pillows that you need in order to create a safe and healthy bedroom environment for your growing child. You can choose from organic cotton, organic wool, natural latex, organic buckwheat or organic kapok pillows depending on the 8 tips provided in this article.

Organic toddler bedding sets

To have a truly healthy bedroom environment for your toddler, I highly recommend that you invest in organic bedding sets, which includes the pillow. The best where you have a wide range of organic toddler bedding sets to choose from is Amazon. However, there are far too many products there. I have therefore done all the work in putting together only the best, based on excellent 5-star customer reviews for you here.

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