A good quality and healthy sleep is essential for a child’s brain development and mental activities. There are important health reasons why organic cotton pillows for kids should be an important consideration for moms when buying organic cotton kids bedding.

Why expose your child to toxic and harmful chemicals in synthetic pillows for one-third of his or her life when you have the power to make healthy choices?

Rights of a child to be healthy

One of the fundamental rights of a child is to be healthy. The beautiful child you have depends entirely on you the parents to provide a safe, loving and healthy environment for him or her to grow up in. Therefore, parents have a duty to ensure that the child’s right to be healthy is given out of love and care.

The child’s bedroom is one environment that parents must take due care are responsibility to make it as safe and healthy as possible. The type of furniture, toys and bedding in a child’s room must not pose health risks for the child.

Having healthy bedding for children is of paramount importance because of the many physical and mental health benefits the child gets from sleeping on healthy bedding.

5 health reasons – organic cotton pillow for kids.

Reason #1: No toxic and harmful chemicals

Organic cotton pillows are made from cotton grown organically, harvested and prepared without chemicals and pesticides. The organic cotton is therefore non-toxic and chemical-free. Thus, organic cotton is healthier for children than conventional pillows that are made with synthetic materials that contain toxic and harmful substances. Breathing toxic substances emitted from synthetic pillows can be detrimental to the health and well-being of the child. An organic cotton pillow is therefore the best healthy choice pillow for babies, toddlers and older kids.

Reason #2: Better and healthier sleep

Sleeping on bedding made from natural fibers has been proven to aid better and healthier sleep. The organic cotton fill in the organic cotton pillow absorbs moisture from the body and helps to eliminate excessive sweating giving providing the child undisturbed sleep. During warm weather, cotton has the ability to “breathe” and that gives your child a cooler and comfortable sleep. Without tossing and turning, a sound and good quality sleep enhances the child’s mental development and good health.

Reason #3: Naturally hypoallergenic, anti-microbial and dust mite resistant

Kids have young sensitive skins that are susceptible to allergic reactions. Organic cotton pillows are naturally hypoallergenic and they repel dust, dust mites, mould, mildew and other microbes that can cause problems for your child. Organic cotton pillow’s ability to breathe helps eliminate moisture retention and allows the pillow to remain dry thus preventing mould and mildew and make the environment unsuitable for dust mites to thrive.

Reason #4: Prevent diseases

There’s a common statement that “prevention is better than cure”. By choosing an organic and healthy pillow for your child, you are actually preventing many kinds of diseases and illnesses. Research has shown that toxic substances in bedding can cause reproductive, developmental and neurological problems. Some of these includes lower intelligence in children, respiratory track inflammation, eye irritation, muscle pain headaches, reproductive damage and even cancer. Replacing synthetic pillows with organic cotton pillow for your child is the best and healthy choice.

Reason #5: REM Sleep for child’s brain development

According to Wikipedia, Rapid Eye Movement (or REM) Sleep “is a normal stage of sleep characterized by rapid and random movement of the eyes”. Sleep researchers have established that brain activities are intense during REM sleep. REM sleep is important for a developing brain like that of a baby or child “because it provides the neural stimulation that newborns need to form mature neural connections and for proper nervous system development”.

A child deprived of sleep can have behavioural problems, permanent sleep disruption, decrease brain mass, and other neurological problems later in life. So we can see the importance of having a healthy and safer bedroom environment where the child can enjoy high quality REM sleeps for his or her developing brain and brain activities.

Apart from the above top five health reasons, organic cotton pillows are environmentally free and sustainable. Buying organic cotton pillows for kids helps support eco-friendly farming methods that do not use harmful chemicals that contaminate the environment and the ecosystem in which we live.



To conclude, children have a fundamental right to be healthy and parents have the duty to ensure a child grows up in a safe and healthy environment. The bedroom is one environment where the child spends one-third of his life. Making the bedroom safe and healthy with natural organic bedding, including organic cotton pillow, has many healthy benefits for the child.

Organic cotton pillow helps child get good quality and healthy REM sleeps for his brain development and mental activities. Organic cotton pillows for kids are naturally hypoallergenic, repel dust and dust mites and inhibits the growth of mould and mildew. The health promoting properties of organic cotton pillow helps prevent diseases.

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