Buckwheat flower

A natural organic buckwheat pillow is made from the husks that protect the kernel of the buckwheat fruit. To be certified organic, the pillow fill must be buckwheat hulls extracted from buckwheat that are organically grown and processed without the use of harmful pesticides and fumigation. The pillow casings must also be made from 100% organic fabric.

Buckwheat is not a grain

Buckwheat (fagopyrum esculentum) is commonly mistaken for a grain. Actually, buckwheat is a grassy plant related to the rhubarb family. The triangular seed produced by this herb plant has a distinctive nutty flavor and is edible. The hulls are cleaned and used as fills for organic buckwheat pillows.

Dried buckwheat flower with seeds

A therapeutic pillow of Oriental origin

Buckwheat originated from Far East Asia and has been used there for centuries for food (ground into flour before used in cereal and other food items) and the buckwheat hulls have been used as pillow fills.

In places like Japan and Korea, buckwheat has been used for thousands of years, not only as a super food for its high nutritional values, but for its health and therapeutic benefits such as those found in organic buckwheat pillows. It still remains the pillow of choice today.

Buckwheat hulls for pillow-fills

Benefits of organic buckwheat pillows

Some of the benefits of using organic buckwheat pillows are as follows:

1. Keeps the head cool

People from the Far East prefer organic buckwheat pillows because according to Oriental medicine, an important element of good health is having a cool head – literally and in temperament. Literally, we spend one-third of our lives in the bedroom sleeping, and it makes sense that keeping our head cool is good for our health. Organic buckwheat pillows are resistant to pressure so they allow easy circulation of air so you can breathe fresh air while sleeping. This breathability nature of buckwheat pillows keeps the head and body cool. This feature may also reduce snoring and heavy breathing during sleeping.

2.  Enhances better quality sleep

An organic buckwheat pillow enhances quality sleep and relieves complaints associated with sleep and stress on the body. To get better sleep, the head, neck and spine must be aligned as straight as possible on a healthy comfortable pillow. As the buckwheat hulls do not compact, they adjust to conform to your head, neck and spine depending on the form and weight of your head, while giving continued support throughout the night and providing extra comfort to give you a fuller good quality sleep. A good quality sleep is essential for good health.

3.  Therapeutic benefits

Organic buckwheat pillows’ ability to adjust and provide complete support for spinal alignment may provide relief from headaches, ease neck pain, soothe muscle pains and tightness in neck, shoulder and back and provide relief from stress.

4.  Non-toxic and chemical-free

Organic buckwheat pillows are non-toxic and chemical-free. Research has shown that toxic substances in bedding, including pillows, can cause reproductive, developmental and neurological problems. Some of these problems include lower intelligence in children, respiratory tract inflammation, eye irritation, muscle pain, headaches, reproductive damage and even cancer. Breathing emissions from toxic substances used in conventional pillows made with synthetic materials while placing our heads on the pillow for one third of our lives can be detrimental for our health.

5.  Adjustable

Organic buckwheat pillow is adjustable.  You can easily add or remove the hulls to suit your preference of how firm and high you want your pillow to be.  You can also replace the hulls with new hulls.

6.  Hypo-allergenic and dust-mite resistant

Unlike synthetic foam pillows which can cause allergies, organic buckwheat pillows are naturally hypo-allergenic. Organic buckwheat pillows can repel dust mites naturally, provided that the hulls are cleaned more thoroughly. Ensure that the buckwheat pillow you are buying uses chemical-free processes to clean the hulls as dust from the kernels may be present when being removed.

7.  Environmentally friendly

Organic buckwheat pillows are environmental friendly. The cultivation of buckwheat using organic farming methods does not harm the environment. Organic buckwheat pillows do not pollute the bedroom environment through off-gassing of dangerous chemicals like synthetic foam pillows do.

8.  Durable

A buckwheat hull pillow can last up to ten (10) years or more with proper care. The hulls can be replaced so whenever you wish you have a new pillow, just replace the hulls.

When buying organic buckwheat pillows, check the manufacturer’s label and the manufacturing process to be sure no dangerous chemicals have been used in the whole process. Some manufacturers may also use synthetic buckwheat husks. Ensure that you buy original.


To conclude, organic buckwheat pillows are healthy, have therapeutic benefits and are environmentally friendly. If you want to have good quality sleep in a healthy bedroom environment, then replace your conventional synthetic pillows with organic buckwheat pillows.

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