Decorating a child’s room with economical and trendy items like floor pillows is a great way to bring life and color to your kid’s room. In this post, I disscuss the benefits and advantages of animal theme home decor, particularly animal theme floor pillows for kids.

Why animal theme?

Sometimes you do not need to do big things or spend a fortune on kids’ bedroom décor to make it a lovable and comfortable place. Small things like floor pillows can turn your kids’ bedroom or playroom into a beautiful and colorful place your kids will enjoy.

Decorating children’s bedroom or playroom with animal theme is not only a creative way to bring life and color into your kids’ life but it inspires the child’s intelligence. Animal theme kids bedroom décor also enhances child-animal relationship, thereby instilling important life skills such as empathy in the child.

Floor pillows for kids

Floor pillows for kids come in different sizes, designs, shapes, fill, fabric and themes. Animal floor pillows for kids are stuffed animal pillows resembling all kids of animals. Animal pillow is increasingly becoming common, not only for kids but also for adults, and there are many good reasons for that. Children are naturally fascinated with animals. The more they are surrounded by fascinating things they love, the more time they will spend in that room, giving mum ample time to concentrate on household chores.

Naturally, both boys and girls love animals. I am not saying all boys and girls love animals. There may be some kids who do not like animals and may be cruel to animals, habits requiring parents’ assistance to overcome. Cute animal floor pillows for kids can also be used to raise awareness on animal care and instill good behavior in the child.

Top 3 Reasons for Animal Theme Kids Bedroom Décor

Reason #1: Kids’ fascination and love for animals

The primary reason why you should consider animal theme for your children’s bedroom décor, especially decorative animal floor pillows for kids, is because kids naturally love and are fascinated by animals. Beginning from babies, we surround children with animal presences and they develop companionship with animals.

Their clothing is decorated with animals. They cuddle, name, talk to, play with and name stuffed animals. They play with plastic animals like dolphins and whales in their baths. They learn to count with animal pictures and their first reading charts and books have animal pictures besides the letters A to Z. Their favorite cartoon shows have animal characters.

They also see and live with live animals. Pets such as dogs and cats are common in homes and children love them. Animals in a zoo, birds in a park, fish in an aquarium or fishpond and live animals they watch on television all inspires their natural liking for animals. The animal theme will attract kids to spend more time in their bedroom or playroom, surrounded by things they love and enjoy their company, giving mum less trouble managing them.

Reason #2: Child-animal relationship helps children develop essential life skills

Children have natural liking for animals. They perceive their pets as special friends, important family members and providers of social interactions, affection and emotional support. This happens not only with live animals and pets like dogs and cats, but also with stuffed animals. Since children are fond of stuffed animals and can hug, talk to, name them and even sleep with them, everyday contact with stuffed animals can help children learn important life skills.

One of the essential life skill children develop through the child-animal relationship is “empathy”. So what is empathy? The simplest definition of empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. You must be thinking, so what has this got to do with a stuffed animal or animal floor pillows for kids?

Creating an environment for child-animal relationship helps the child to develop a loving and caring attitude towards the animal. The child will have a desire to help the animal and want the animal to be happy as he or she is. When the animal is sad, the child will share that feeling. When it is happy, the child will be happy. Because animals don’t talk, the child will experience that emotion, and can understand what the animal is thinking or feeling.

The child, as he or she grows up, will have developed empathetic skills that he or she will employ in human relationships. Child-animal relationship will help the child develop kindness, generosity, compassion and helpfulness. Latest research shows that successful learners are knowledgeable, self-determined, strategic and empathetic (John B.F, 1990). They are successful in school, at home and in the community.

Reason #3: Awareness of other living creatures and the environment

Most children living in big cities of the world do not experience the outdoor natural environment and the earth’s wild in its purest form. Apart from pets, they see live animals only in the zoo or man-made nature or parks. But thanks to television channels such as Discovery and National Geographic who bring live the amazing secrets of life on planet earth right to the homes of billions of people.

Companies also produce toys and household goods such as animal floor pillows for kids and pillow pets resembling different types of animals. Kids will appreciate having or seeing a live animal and also having its resemblance as a toy, pillow pet or animal floor pillow.

Creating an animal theme bedroom for children is not only cute and creative, but it creates an awareness of the fact that we share planet earth with other living creatures. Being conscious of this from an early age, children will develop care and concern for the natural environment, living creatures and the earth as whole.

Having animal floor pillows for kids inspires the child’s intelligence for care and responsibility for animals. With kids love for animals, having a stuffed animal in their bedroom as an adorable décor, a cushy seating for watching television or a playmate will help the child appreciate different animals and nature. If they have a pet, they will love an animal floor pillow that resembles the pet or a favorite animal he or she sees on television.

Buy cheap floor pillows

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