Hi there! I am Kez.  I promote promote all-natural organic bed pillows because in 2011 I became ill and battled several health problems, including loss of hair, which I believe were caused the synthetic pillows I was using in the bedroom.

I was in my mid-thirties and in the prime of my life. I maintained a healthy lifestyle that included regular exercise and my diet was predominantly organic and unprocessed local fruits and vegetables, starchy food (mainly cassava, taro, banana, sweet potato, yams, breadfruit, sago), coconut and fresh fish caught from unpolluted sea. My immune system was strong, I believe, because I seldom fell victim of the seasonal colds and flu.

But there was something else that was posing a challenge to my health. I didn’t really know what it was. I had night sweats that would force me to have bath around 2 or 3 a.m. Every morning when I awoke, I had headache. I couldn’t think properly and my brain felt like it was suffocating from smoke and exhausted. I felt tired and fatigued. My ears blocked and I’d skip breakfast as I had nausea.  The most alarming thing that happened was that my hair started falling off, starting from the back. This went on for a couple of months.

These symptoms persisted so I visited the Doctor. The first one placed me on some antibiotic that didn’t help. I visited another doctor for second opinion and had full medical check, saw an eye doctor, and a gynecologist, too. None of the medication and changing of glasses helped.

In desperation, I turned to the internet, searching for clues about the causes of each of the symptoms of my illnesses. That was when I read an article that chemicals and toxins in our bedding can make us sick. That information was like a light bulb that got switched on. I never suspected pillows and bedding could make us sick.

I immediately replaced all the synthetic pillows in my home with natural organic healthy pillows, some made from 100% organic natural latex and some were 100% organic cotton stuffed with herbs ginkgo.

Bingo! Immediately, all my problems disappeared. Whatever remaining hair I had, I shaved it off and new healthy hair grew on my head again.

The experience was traumatic and even embarrassing for me.  I immediately set out to warn others about the dangers of chemicals and toxins in synthetic pillows and what it can potentially do to their health.  Never compromise your health. It is the small things we often overlook that can eventually destroy our lives.

I created this website to share my story with many more people.  I also want to continue my research on pillows and gather information from new studies and products in the market.

I hope you find the information and tips useful in making healthy choices when it comes to your bedding, especially the pillows that you place your head on for one-third of your life..  For product recommendations on organic pillows I haven’t used myself, I have researched and analysed reviews from customers on Amazon.

If you ever need any feedback or support regarding healthy bedding, especially pillows, I would be more than happy to connect. Simply leave your comment below and don’t forget to visit this site regularly as I am always updating it with information that I come across that I know you will find interesting.

I wish you all the best in your choices for organic and eco-friendly bedroom pillows for better health.

Thanks for stopping by.


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  1. Thank you for sharing your story. Several years back, my wife and I decided to make the switch the an all natural, 100% latex mattress pillow set. We didn’t necessarily do it for the same reasons you went natural. However, the information on off gassing and other potential health threats certainly played a role in our choice.
    Our biggest reason for going with the latex mattress was for the life span of one of those things. You see up to that point we had gone through about three mattresses within the first few year of our marriage. We kept noticing that after several months of use, the conventional mattresses would start showing sigs of wear and sagging, offering less support. After much research on newer style mattresses such as memory foam, we came across a company that specialized in 100% natural latex. I am happy to say that we haven’t had to buy a mattress for 7-10 years now. Not only is our latex mattress natural, it has not lost any of its form whatsoever. It still sleeps like it is a brand new mattress!

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